Childbirth May Cut Women's Heart Disease Risk

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Dec 01, 2011

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Quick Bites

  • More childbirths implies lesser risk of heart diseases.
  • Someone with four or more kids is able to survive much better.
  • Heart disease is a leading cause of deaths in women.
  • More research needs to be done to correct the flaws of the current study.

The risk of suffering from a heart disease is significantly lower in women who beget four or more children compared with those who do not have children or have fewer children. These are the findings of a new research. Middle aged women residing in Southern California were evaluated for 20 years to know the impact of multiple or fewer childbirths on the risk of developing heart diseases later in life.

childbirth and diseases

It was found that those who had four or more kids were able to survive much better. The research was comprehensive as all other factors that cause heart ailments were accounted for. Since heart disease is a leading cause of deaths in women across the world such as the USA, this comes as great relief for women with a sound reproductive system.

The researchers are at a loss to understand the relation between childbirth and risk of women’s heart diseases. There is some speculation that since multiple childbirths occur to women that are healthier, this phenomenon can be seen as a default case. Moreover, they feel that since these women are exposed to higher levels of oestrogen for long periods of time, it helps them to have a healthy heart in the latter part of their life.

childbirth and heart diseases
One of the limitations in this research was that only those women were studied who had already had very good access to healthcare facilities and were thus less likely to be obesnd hee or be at the risk of lifestyle-induced health problems. The findings of the research could not be applied to the population at large.

In view of the limitations of the research, it remains to be seen how this research is used further by the scientific and medical community in ensuring that women are at lesser risk of heart diseases. A good approach would be to conduct new researches with the aim of correcting the flaws of this research. Perhaps there needs to be a more comprehensive research with a larger population under observation. Nevertheless, the findings of this particular research do suggest that women should try to give birth to more than one child.


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