Cancer: Can It Be Cured?

By  ,  National Institute of Health
Dec 20, 2012

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Cancer Can It Be Cured

Some people think that because a person has cancer he or she is going to die. Although some people do die from cancer, many do not. More people are living with cancer today than ever before. In many cases, cancer treatment can cause a remission (ree-MISH-un).* Remission means that there are no more signs of the cancer. A remission can last for months or years and sometimes lasts so long that the person is considered cured. But sometimes the cancer comes back. If this happens, it is called a relapse (REE-laps) or recurrence (re-KUR-unce). When that happens, treatment usually starts again.

Whether the person in your family can be cured of cancer depends on many things, and no booklet can tell you exactly what to expect. If you wonder how your parent or brother or sister is doing, ask an adult who you think will know. Ask someone in your family or someone who works with people who have cancer. If your parents agree, you may want to talk to the doctor, nurse, or social worker at the hospital where your family member goes for treatment. Nobody can tell you what will happen in the future, but they can help you understand what is happening.
It may help to know that a lot of cancer research is being done, and ways of treating cancer are getting better.

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  • bright12 Apr 2012

    thanks for ur encouragement

  • bright12 Apr 2012

    thanks for ur encouragement

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    whats d method to prevent uterus cancer