Can New Dads Get Postpartum Depression?

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Feb 15, 2012

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Postpartum postnatal depression or PPND in men concern anxieties after the birth of the baby. What post natal depression is to women, postpartum depression is to men. New dads, instead of, losing a nerve should indulge in some self-assessment in terms of working out the new responsibilities and allow themselves to set priorities and also understand the importance of using economic resources efficiently.


Yes, most new dads get postpartum depression and it is natural to react differently when the world calls for a whole new set of responsibilities.


  • Avoid isolation in any form. Men can also join online forums and clubs where men collectively share their experiences and help themselves in beating the baby blues. You can perhaps meet new fathers like yourself and indulge in some discussion to find out how the other deals with a particular situation. This will allow you to tackle the problem in hand in a novel and tried and tested way!
  • Talk to your spouse about how you can share responsibilities and never run too busy that it gets difficult to spend time with each other as well.
  • Raising a child can be cumbersome and involves several sleepless nights followed by tough days at work. Repeated sleepless nights often lead men to depression. Dads often worry the most as the responsibility of raising a child in terms of socio-economic security heightens. At these points of time, the best way to calm down is to remember the first moment when they held the child in their arms. Many online forums recommend this as the best anti-depressant anecdote for troubled fathers.


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