Can Colour of Leaves help you Lose Weight?

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Nov 19, 2012

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Can Colour of Leaves help you Lose Weight

Yes, say researchers. According to a new study, if weight conscious individuals invest time doing what is called “green exercise”, they would experience a boost in their mood, motivation and self-esteem. The experts opine that the effect of outdoor exercising may be because of the abundance of green colour that is present in the environment. The findings of the study can be found in the journal Environmental Science and Technology.


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To do the study the researchers of the University of Essex in England got 14 college-aged men to ride an indoor stationary bike for five minutes while they watched a video that made it appear as if they were cycling in a natural environment. The filter on the video screen was switched from green to black and white and finally to red for about 5 minutes. The mood of the people was noted after every colour switch. It was observed that the men were less fatigued when they watched the green screen as opposed to the other colours.


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