Desk Job increases Knee Disease

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Nov 22, 2012

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Desk job increases knee disease

Office workers, beware! According to a recent study, the growth in internet and desk jobs is to be blamed for the growing joint ailments across all age groups.


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The study done in the United Kingdom has found that a quarter of office workers in UK suffer from painful knee problems, which is accredited to the rise in obesity and desk-based jobs.


The researchers have also warned that if the levels of obesity continue to increase, the need for a knee replacement surgery is also likely to go up.


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Sammy Margo, spokesperson for the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, said the people with a desk-job are more prone to the “office knee” disease.


She also added that there is a huge surge in the number of people with knee pain and it is due of the sedentary lifestyle practices.


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Margo also believes the advent of internet is also a potential threat to the growing office-based diseases.


According to Dr. Sarah Dauncey, Medical Director at the Nuffield Health, it is necessary for the people who are becoming more active to look at their pre and post activity warm-ups and downs, by wearing good trainers and supporting the joints while exercising.


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