Signs of bronchitis you must know

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Aug 17, 2015

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Quick Bites

  • Symptoms occur after infection affects upper respiratory tract.
  • Dry or phlegmatic cough is the first symptom.
  • Wheezing is another serious symptom.
  • A person may experience phases of tiredness.

Bronchitis symptoms occur post the infections that affect the upper respiratory tract of the human system. Thus, after a common cold as well as a sinus problem, one may spot all or a few of the following symptoms.

Bronchitis symptoms

Phlegmatic cough

A dry or phlegmatic cough is the first symptom of bronchitis. Here, in this case, there are chances of het patient even suffering from pneumonia. So, when the phlegm is too thick, it must be taken as a serious sign and dealt with, accordingly.


A further condition that heeds to be looked at seriously is wheezing. This refers to a sharp sound produces during the process of breathing. This poses as another sign of bronchitis.

Bronchitis symptoms

Phases of tiredness

Due to a high frequency and intensity of the cough, the patient might go through phases of tiredness. Chest pain and pain in the abdominal muscles would be a further result of the constant forceful coughing that the person does.

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