Body art is fine but its side effects not so fine

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Jul 30, 2010

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Body artNowadays people are turning out to be trendier and want to make  their own fashion statement. Body art gives one the leverage to decorate, adorn and change body both permanently and temporarily. Read on to discover the mediums of body art based on universality, diversity of style, beauty and identity.


Body Painting


Body painting is very common and the only temporary form of body art. The painting is generally done for a specific occasion so that it is easy to remove after the party. Being a temporary form of decoration, it is cheap and easily removable too. The paints used for body painting are non-toxic and usually non-allergic.

Body painting is considered by some as the most ancient form of art. Unlike tattoos, these body paints are the other forms of body art that are temporary, painted onto the human skin and lasts for some hours or until you wash them.

Sonia Sharma, body art expert of a beauty saloon in DLF II says, "Body art in form of temporary tattoos have been very common especially on some occasions. We have special body art colours. Firstly an outline with black colour is done and after that the required colours as per the designs are filled into it. After filling the colours, studs, jewels are the different options people can go in for. We have various options for the selection of design. Preferably body art is done on the back, navel and hands."




Tattooing is the most common and the trendiest among the youth these days. Not only guys but girls are going for it.  Bipasha Basu has got a tattoo in her upcoming movie. It is considered to be trendy and fashionable for every age group, especially teens and they opt for various designs on various body parts. Tattooing can be done both permanently and temporarily. Permanent tattooing is done by injecting a pigment or tattoo ink into the skin. Temporary tattoos, however, are available as stickers and are applied using water.
One needs after care to avoid any allergic reactions and infections. Even tattoo studios have bio-hazard containers and use sterilized tools to avoid any kind of infection.


The Pain Factor


The question you should ask first is, "Where does it hurt the most?" Well, there are no hard and fast rules about the pain factor but based on various opinions here is a fair guide:


Most Painful Areas:


Men - Abdomen, Spine, Chest n Women - Ankle, Spine, Ribcage


Side effects


Tattoo are done with a series of puncture wounds made with a needle that carries dye into different levels of the skin.

o Infections can occur when a tattoo parlour does not use proper sanitation procedures. However, tattoo shops are not required to follow the sterilization practices as other places that use needles, such as hospitals and clinics!

o For places that do not follow these rules, the risk of infection is higher. According to a report people with tattoos are nine times more likely to be infected with hepatitis C than those who are not tattooed.

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