Benefits of Marriage Counselling

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Jun 22, 2011

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More and more couples are turning to marriage counselling in order to try and save their relationship. Marriage counselling is professional help provided by experts who try and help couples work through their problems. A regressive point of view is of the opinion that marriage counselling is a waste of time but statistics point otherwise. According to a survey 75 % couples who have undergone marriage counselling have actually proved better at helping the relationship grow, than couples who have not.


The Benefits of Marriage Counselling


Opening up - Most marriages suffer from the fact that couples do not open up about their problems to each other. They keep it to themselves and expect the other to understand by default. However, the stress of modern day life blinds most people and they fail to see the problems their marital relationship. This is where professional relationship comes in. It is a neutral space where you can lay bare all your fears and problems regarding your relationship. Marriage counselling is a mutual space where both partners can open up and communicate.

Owning Responsibility
- Blame games ruin marital peace. A person just fails to accept responsibility for the problems that are plaguing the relationship. So they seek the easy way out and blame the other. However, marriage counselling help a person take onus for their action and makes them realise how that action has affected the relationship. This opens a whole new facet of the marriage and helps couples realise their personal fault and helps them resolve issues.

Change of Outlook - The moment one receives an alternate point of view regarding the marriage, it hits home. This helps troubled couples change their outlook towards the relationship and see it in a different light. A refreshed outlook can work wonders for any relationship. Now problems including those of intimacy in the relationship can be tackled in a different way. Couples benefit from marriage counselling because they can work with a new perspective in mind.

Venting it out
- If you have suppressed anger and frustration getting to your nerves regarding your marriage, marriage counselling will help you vent it out. If screaming, crying and letting go is what you need, you can do it. It will help in release and after it is over, you will feel lighter and ill able to look at the problems in your marriage with a renewed outlook.


Active Advice - Marriage counselling is much better than seeking advice from friends and relatives whose opinion on the problems can be lopsided and coloured in partiality. A marriage counsellor will suggest activities that the two of you can be involved in as a couple. They will also guide through the way in which you can deal with everyday activities as a couple in the beginning. Most importantly they will help you listen to the other’s opinion and spare a moment to consider it.


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