Avoid High Calorie Diet to Stay Young

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Nov 18, 2014

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High Calorie DietThe researchers have claimed that a low calorie diet can slow down the process of ageing by affecting the behaviour of hundreds of genes.

The researchers found that a low calorie diet could halt the normal rise and fall in the activity levels of almost 900 different genes linked to ageing and memory formation in the brain.

For the first time it was shown in a study that food restriction can work by manipulating the function of a much larger group of genes than previously anticipated.

Lead author of study and a neuroscientist at New York University’s Langone Medical Centre, Dr Stephen Ginsberg said ‘our study shows how calorie restriction practically arrests gene expression levels involved in the ageing phenotype - how some genes determine the behaviour of mice, people, and other mammals as they get old.’

But, he also warned that this does not mean that calorie restriction could be the `fountain of youth’, ` although it will ‘add evidence for the role of diet in delaying the effects of ageing and age-related disease’.

According to Dr Ginsberg, the benefits of such diets have been pushed to include reduced risk of human heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke. However, the widespread genetic impact on memory and learning regions of ageing brain has not been shown before.

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News source: dailymail.com

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