Alternative Therapies for Eating Disorders

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Feb 24, 2012

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Eating disorders can be potentially harmful for the natural life progression of an individual. Most often, it might be persisting from childhood and may develop into a chronic condition with age. In such cases, alternative therapies for eating disorders can be resorted to for effective relief. Alternative therapies often target the root causes responsible of these disorders and attempt to eliminate them.


Alternative Therapies for Eating Disorders


  • Therapists often resort to psychological treatment options such as hypnosis for unearthing the principle causes behind eating abnormalities. Hypnosis essentially focuses on the mental state of a person and helps in discerning hidden complexities and insecurities. Once these are sorted out, eating disorders are often cured.
  • Alternative therapies for eating disorders also include the administering of herbal formulations. Mostly they are centred on targeting bulimia and anorexia nervosa. They rejuvenate the overall constitution of the body, countering depletion. In addition, digestion is also stimulated with the purpose of enhancing appetite. Once the hunger pangs show up, food intake increases, managing anorexia in the process.
  • In case of eating disorders in children, parents are given special training for helping their children in overcoming them. Most hospitals conduct counselling sessions for parents with the aim of educating them effectively.
  • Mediations and relaxation techniques are some of the most prominent alternative therapies for eating disorders. These are primarily suited to manage purge or binge eating habits. Regular meditation spanning twenty minutes or more is known to provide mental strength for combating binging urges.
  • Yoga is also considered effective in eating disorders. Yoga helps in correcting the imbalances in the mind and body of the concerned individual. Hence he is able to balance out emotions and deal with abnormal manifestations. As a result, anger, anxiety, and depression are also managed better leading to overall well-being.


Alternative therapies for eating disorders are most suited because they attempt to address the problem from a holistic point of view because an eating disorder can be either a physical or a psychological problem.  Hence, alternative therapies are best suited to take care of them.


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