All about Still Birth

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Feb 11, 2015

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Quick Bites

  • Decreased fatal movement is a sign on stillbirth.
  • Health problems in fetus can cause stillbirth.
  • Labor is induced in cases of stillbirth.
  • Consult a doctor to conceive again.

Still birth refers to death of the fetus or the baby after twenty weeks of pregnancy. Stillbirths can happen during pregnancy, labor or delivery. A stillbirth can occur in a pregnancy which has been progressing normally and there is no way to predict it. An ultrasound or fetal heart rate monitor is used to detect stillbirth.

Facts About Stillbirth

Signs of Stillbirth

  • Decreased fetal movement.
  • Vaginal bleeding.

Causes of Stillbirth

  • Health problems in the fetus such as birth defects or affected growth and development.
  • Maternal health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure.
  • Uterine problems such as placenta abruptions or umbilical cord problems.
  • Infection in the mother or baby.

Risk Factors of Stillbirth

  • Consumption of alcohol, smoking and drugs increases the risk of stillbirth in a woman.
  • Preeclampsia during pregnancy.

Facts About Stillbirth

Treatment of Stillbirth

The body naturally goes into labor after two weeks from death of the baby in the uterus. Generally, labor is induced by the doctors for both medical and emotional reasons. You may or may not choose to do a post mortem examination of the baby to find cause of the death but in most of the cases the cause is not known. A caesarean section may be done if a woman faces problem with labor or delivery.

Trying Again

Losing a baby can be extremely traumatic for the parents. You and your body will need to heal completely before you create a new healthy life. Consult your doctor before you plan to get pregnant, it might be a few months or more, it all depends how your body heals with time. If you would have had a caesarean section it would take longer for your body to heal.


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