Acupuncture can help to reduce menopause problems

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May 26, 2016

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Women facing menopause can get relief from those scary symptoms like hot flashes, headache and sweating by trying acupuncture. One study reveals that these symptoms can be reduced up to 36 % by trying acupuncture.




The study was conducted by Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. This study was conducted among 209 female volunteers of age group 45 to 60 years with no period history from last three months. These volunteers also faced the problem of hot flashes and night sweat. These females were categorized into two groups and were observed for 12 months. The first group received acupuncture for first 6 month and then observed for next 6 month without any treatment. The second group received treatment for next 6 months.


The first group received acupuncture treatments of 20 treatment sittings during the first six months. They were then followed without receiving acupuncture for the second six months. The second group did not receive any acupuncture during the first six months, but did receive acupuncture for the second six months with same sittings. The first group showed 36.7 % decline in menopause symptoms as compare to baseline. This decline persists after a year with an average of 29.4%.

The second group showed 6% increase from baseline in first 6 months when no treatment was provided. Once the treatment started, 31% average reduction in menopause symptoms was reported. This non hormonal, easy treatment is effective to help women without any side effect.


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