Acupressure Technique for Constipation

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Sep 01, 2011

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Accupressure for constipationAcupressure technique for constipation involves applying pressure on certain areas of the body to stimulate the bowels. Theoretically, acupressure believes that energy flows in our body through various energy meridians and any sort of disturbance in the flow of energy is the root cause of diseases. However, pressure application on these certain energy points can help in restoring the flow, thereby aiding the healing process.

Acupressure technique for constipation can also help in patients suffering from chronic constipation.

How Acupressure Works to Alleviate Constipation


  • You need to identify the points on the body to be worked upon. Any acupressure expert would be able to help you with locating these points. These points are located on legs, trunk and arms.
  • You need to apply pressure on these points twice a day for 10 minutes. You can extend each session for up to 20 minutes if you desire faster results but is generally not recommended by experts.
  • There are different techniques of applying pressure such as pinching, rubbing, etc. Use hit and trial method to check which ones work best for you.
  • For chronic cases, you would need to work on those points for weeks together.
  • You can apply acupressure through fingers, palms, knuckles and thumbs.  
  • Apply enough pressure till the points start paining. Mild pain is a part of this procedure but if you feel excessive pain, you must stop immediately.
  • As a general rule, wear loose clothing during the procedure and stay relaxed. Avoid jeans and other tight fitting clothes.
  • It is important to note that acupressure technique for constipationshould not to be used by pregnant women. It is also to be avoided for patients suffering from blood pressure, varicose veins or any kind of skin boils and blisters.
  • Acupressure is to be avoided for at least half an hour after a meal or after having a bath. 

The technique of Acupressure for constipation is free from side effects and can be safely practised at home.Although professional Chinese medicine doctors recommend acupuncture for treating constipation, but if you do not wish to get poked by needles then acupressure is the next best alternative. It can be easily administered, is cost free and very effective as well. It is advisable to drink lots of water and practise acupressure treatment twice daily to relieve constipation naturally and safely.


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