About Brain Cancer Survival Rates

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Sep 19, 2012

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In the US, brain cancer accounts for almost 10, 000 lives per year. The average survival rate of brain cancer patients is one to two years. Until now, no complete cure for brain cancer has been developed and chemotherapy and brain surgery remain the widely used treatment courses. Read to know a few facts about brain cancer survival rate.


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Factors on which Brain Cancer Survival depends

Survival of a brain cancer patient depends on varied factors, such as:

  • location of the cancerous tumour in the brain
  • size of the tumour mass
  • type of the tumour
  • stage of brain cancer [Read: Last Stages of Brain Cancer]
  • severity of brain cancer
  • age of the patient
  • race and sex of the patient
  • patient’s medical history
  • patient’s general health condition
  • and if the patient is suffering from any other disease at the same time.


Age and Brain Cancer Survival Rate

The odds of brain cancer survival of a patient decreases with his age. Listed here are the brain cancer survival rates of all age groups.

  • Children aged between 0-14 years have the highest brain cancer survival rate i.e. 73 per cent chances of surviving five years after brain cancer treatment.
  • Adults aged between 15-44 years come second in the list with 55 per cent chances of survival.
  • The rate drops significantly in middle-aged patients (45-64 years) with only 16 per cent chances of survival.
  • Elderly people i.e. 65 and above, have the lowest i.e. chances of survival after brain cancer treatment.

Statistics have shown that chemotherapy or radiotherapy for treatment of brain cancer significantly increases the chances of survival of the patient.


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Race, Sex and Brain Cancer Survival Rate

Researches on cancer have provided evidence to show a link between brain cancer survival rate and the race and sex of the patients. An American research has shown that Caucasians, who are more vulnerable to brain cancer, have 32 per cent chances of surviving whereas African Americans have 38 per cent survival rate.

The figure of brain cancer survival rate decreases as the cancer aggravates to a more advanced stage or metastasises to other sites of the body. The survival rate drops significantly if the patient doesn’t get timely medical aid and treatment. Surgery of the brain for removal of the tumour, chemotherapy and radiation are the commonly used treatment procedures for brain cancer and contribute significantly in the improvement of the patient’s survival rate.  The challenge, however, remains to make these treatments available and affordable to all brain cancer patients worldwide.

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