Wrinkle Removal with Laser Treatment

Wrinkle Removal with Laser Treatment: Laser treatment for wrinkle removal involves getting rid of the layer of skin that has wrinkles so that the new skin that grows is fresh and looks better. You should be very particular in following the precaut

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Wrinkle Removal with Laser Treatment

Wrinkle Removal with Laser Treatment

Looking young was never out of fashion and nowadays, it is being emphasised like never before. The proliferation of advertisements in all forms available with emphasis on body image has increased the demand for treatments such as wrinkle removal with laser. With age, your skin loses its tautness and wrinkle lines start to appear along the neck, face and other body parts. Laser therapy is one of the most sought after anti-ageing treatments.


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Why prefer laser treatment for wrinkle removal?

Laser treatment combats the signs of ageing in a safe way. It can successfully get rid of years of ageing from your skin and also improve its texture and tone. Experienced doctors would tell you the ideal treatment plan, guide you through the procedures and explain the kind of effect laser treatment can bring about to your skin. Compared to the invasive plastic surgery, which is equal in popularity to laser treatment for wrinkle removal, laser wrinkle removal is much more preferable.


Procedure of laser wrinkle removal

In laser treatment for wrinkles, the outermost layer of the skin is removed with the help of the CO2 laser. The high intensity light source with one specific colour is organised in one direction in a very constricted manner. This is important because otherwise the flashlights would have very random patterns, and for treatment, the laser light should be finely focused to pass on the skin. The CO2 laser removes the outermost wrinkled skin, allowing for regrowth of new healthier skin.


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This laser treatment can take from 30 minutes to two hours. Time taken would depend on the area under treatment as all the remains of topical anaesthetic need to be cleansed from the skin. When the treatment proceeds, the doctors need to wear protective equipment for their eyes, and even you need to cover your eyes to guard them from the intensity of the laser light. Only after so much preparation is the ablation or the removal of damaged wrinkled skin is considered safe.


After care

You need to take special care of your skin after the procedure as it would become sensitive to sunrays. It is imperative to use sunscreen for at least a year after your treatment. Your doctor would have skin care specialists to look after your skin immediately after treatment. If you are educated about your skin, it would help you the most in getting the desired skin even post treatment. You will notice continued improvement of your appearance over the next 6-12 months with proper after care.


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