World Population Day 2019: Implications Of Population Growth On Health

On this world population day, know the implications of population growth on health. read how population increase has affected our health.

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograPublished at: Jul 10, 2019
World Population Day 2019: Implications Of Population Growth On Health

World Population Day 2019: The increase in population is one of the fastest growth that can be seen. But the irony is that this growth cannot be seen as a positive one, as it brings along some of the most serious concerns to deal with. In a country like India, where the population is increasing and the managing authorities and capabilities of certain departments are at stake, population growth is definitely a bane. People are aware of the extremities that they are affected due to the increase in population. But less have they thought that our health gets compromised too. So let us retrospect on a few factors that lead to a negative impact on health due to overpopulation.

  • We all know that our environment is getting depleted due to the increase in population. But this erosion of the environment is not only making our natural resources scarce but also is affecting our health in a deep way. More the population, more is the over-crowding, more influx of traffic on the road, more emission of harmful gases which leads to environmental degradation. This degradation brings in numerous air-borne diseases which in turn impacts our health to a considerable extent.
  • We used to learn at schools that the ozone layer is a protective layer that helps us from the harmful ultra-violet rays. But this no longer happens. Due to the increased level of pollution (which in turn is a result of population growth), the ozone layer of the atmosphere started getting depleted and now is a result of health issues like skin cancer, premature ageing of the skin, cataract, and blindness.
  • Water resources are misused to a considerable extent. The rise in population is one of the causes of water degradability. This affected and polluted water is again used by some which result in the death of multiples of people every year. The viruses present makes the water unsafe for further utilization.
  • No doubt the population is increasing every second, but along with it, the healthcare facilities are not growing simultaneously, which leads to a lack of proper medical help at times of emergency.

So the need of the hour is to spread the concerns that create a sense of understanding that will help us to mitigate the present ongoing issues.

  • Awareness of family planning
  • birth control
  • hygiene
  • educating people about over-population
  • providing universal access to birth control devices

And making them look into matters that they are facing will ensure the safety of the world. The term over-population would have sufficed if the measures to fight the aftermath would have been sound. But as this is not the case, so it is our responsibility to stand against this vicious circle of population growth for our existence. Preserving nature is very important for the future generation to survive. One of the most crucial problems that the world is facing today, over-population needs serious attention otherwise there will be nothing to live for.

(With inputs from Dr Riyas AK, Kairali Ayurvedic Group)

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