World's First Weight Loss Fragrance

World's First Weight Loss Fragrance: A new perfume developed by a French perfume house has been claimed to help in weight loss. The makers say that people just need to spray it once in the morning and their unhealthy food cravings would reduce.

Vatsal Anand
Weight ManagementWritten by: Vatsal AnandPublished at: Aug 02, 2012
World's First Weight Loss Fragrance

Worlds First Weight Loss Fragrance

There are countless weight loss techniques on sale in the market; many of them seem quite bizarre at times. But it would be hard to beat the latest entry in the weight loss market, a weight loss fragrance. The maker of the new perfume Prends–moi is a company called Velds and it has claimed that their perfume is designed to help people slim down just by having the pleasure of sniffing a fragrance.

With over 6000 people in the waiting list before the launch, the company’s claims of having produced their product after aromatherapeutic and neurocosmetic research seems to have gone down well with people. The research was carried out at French perfume house Robertet.

How does the weight loss fragrance work


The aromatherapeutic effect of the fragrance is supposed to trigger a sensation of well-being in the person who sniffs the perfume. It contains ingredients that release the B-endorphins in the skin which are linked to the feeling of contentment and lessen the need to overeat.

This perfume made from a “slimming complex” is made from carnitine, spirulina and caffeine. This formula activates enzymes that help in a process called lipolysis, i.e. fat degradation. A trial was conducted by BIO-EC (Centre of Biological Research and Cutaneous Experimentation) on women aged between 18 and 70 who were on a diet. Out of these, 75 per cent found that the perfume restricted their need to snack, while 73 per cent of them had a distinct feeling of pleasure.


Result of study on weight loss perfume


It was concluded that you may spray the perfume in the morning, just like you do with any perfume, and your need for snacking would be a lot lesser on the day. Moreover, results could also be achieved by light massages with the perfume on the targeted areas of your body can also help to chisel and sculpt the shape of your body. That apart, the very smell of the fragrance has got top ratings. It is like mandarin, grapefruit and bergamot. The alcohol content of Prends-moi is low and this makes it ideal for those who would like to enjoy summer throughout the year (as perfume is used more in summer countries such as France).

Joining the queue of the 6000 people on the waiting list of the perfume may not be preferred by many but only till they are made aware of the benefits of the weight loss fragrance. As per the reviews and the demand for the new perfume, it is expected to be very successful in proving true to the claims of its manufacturers.


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