World Cup Matches may Boost your Mental Health

Watching your favourite sports world cup is now, no longer just a means of entertainment. Cheering and watching your favourite teams to play in the world cup tournament can boost your mental health.

Shubhangi Upadhyaya
Mental HealthWritten by: Shubhangi UpadhyayaPublished at: Feb 27, 2012
World Cup Matches may Boost your Mental Health

World cup matches may boost your mental health

All the sports lovers now have a reason to celebrate. The positive effect on your brain, of watching the favourite team play, can be explained by the fact that people cheer their teams along with hundreds of other like-minded fans and it gives them a sense of belonging. Moreover, it also helps them in making better social connections.


Many people say that they are develop a bond with other people as they share a common interest. It gives them a feeling of companionship and makes them transcend into another world of blissfulness.

Being a part of a fan club gives you a platform to meet new people and befriend those who have common interest. When you go to watch World Cup matches, you surround yourself by people who are singing, drumming, dancing and cheering the teams. It makes you feel as if you too are a part of the team. People say that the friendship they share with other sport lovers is not limited to the fields. They often meet up at weekends and also share their personal lives along with the news related to their favourite sport. This way their social circle keeps expanding which undoubtedly creates a positive effect on the mind.

When you connect yourself to a team, and when your team wins a match, it automatically uplifts your self confidence as you start to feel that the victory of your team is your own victory. This can be explained by the fact that when people associate themselves with other group of successful people, their self esteem gets a tremendous boost. Several studies have been carried out to verify this and they have confirmed it. People who have invested their time and interest in their favourite teams make a personal connection with them. They start identifying themselves with their victory or their defeat.

Even when their favourite teams are not doing well, they take tremendous pride in sticking to it. It gives them a sense of loyalty and honour as they refuse to abandon their teams in their bad times. They begin to apply the same principle to their personal life too. They stand by their friends through their thick and thin.

When people of different caste, colour and creed join their hands in support of their favourite teams, sports become their religion that surpasses all other differences amongst them. It is truly a magical moment that fills the minds of the people with a lot of positivity. In this way their favourite sports become a tradition that gets passed from one generation to another and just as keeping the honour of the family is a responsibility of the successive generation, they also take the responsibility of supporting their favourite teams.

Thus, we can see that people get never ending joy and happiness while watching World Cup matches as they are surrounded by numerous other fans. Such joy and happiness is not comparable with any other social activity.


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