World Cancer Day 2020: Cancer Prevention Diet, As Told By Nutritionist Soumita Biswas

One of the most dreaded diseases in today's time is cancer, which can be managed and prevented by eating the right foods

Vani Malik
Written by: Vani MalikUpdated at: Oct 22, 2021 16:39 IST
World Cancer Day 2020: Cancer Prevention Diet, As Told By Nutritionist Soumita Biswas

One of the significant causes of mortality in India and across the globe is undoubtedly cancer. As per several reports and research, female are most prone to breast and lung cancer. More than anything, several risk factors can be associated with the risk of cancer. Most important here is to understand that most of the things related to cancer risk are more or fewer possibilities to ascertain the causes of cancer. Some prevalent risk factors of cancer are:

  • Consumption of red meat
  • Consumption of excess of sugar
  • Obesity
  • Consumption of high-fatty foods
  • Excess of alcohol
  • Hot and cold drinks

In most diseases, diet plays a significant role as food can make or break any situation. There exist several dietary factors that can help prevent cancer to a great extent.


Avoid Red Meat Consumption

There is a significant association between the consumption of meat and colorectal cancer. Red meat is difficult to digest and extraordinarily fatty and dramatically adds to the risk of colon and rectal cancer. Also, there is a link between heterocyclic amines, a substance found during cooking of red meat, and breast cancer in women. Hence, one should avoid eating red meat every day and should choose between fresh cut chicken, fresh kebabs and home-cooked fresh produce. Keep a check on the red meat consumption and packed kebabs.

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Managing Weight

Weight management is essential, and obesity is the start of several lifestyle-related diseases, cancer being one of them. To prevent obesity, one should have a balanced diet and more fibre, greens, etc. To maintain weight, one should eat sweets and packaged food items carefully as they are high on preservatives and harmful for the weight.

High Fibre Diet Is A Must


Fibre is essential for good gut health. It does not just help in shedding off weight but leads to a smooth stool. This keeps the colon health intact, leading to little chances of digestion-related issues. Fruits and vegetables, oats, whole grains should be included in one's diet for the most intake of fibre. Also, the best is to eat everything fresh and properly cooked.

Preservatives Should Be Avoided

The reason we say that packed food is unhealthy for the maximum presence of preservatives in it. Preservatives add to the risk of cancers of the stomach. Henceforth, one should eat everything fresh and avoid food items like canned food, salted fish, etc. Also, cured meat is a big no to eat for its high preservative levels.

Fat Moderation Is Essential


Calorie consumption is essential, but an excess of anything is unhealthy. Hence, make sure that all food groups are taken especially omega 3. For the same, one should include flaxseeds, chia seeds and fish in their diet for maximum omega 3. Also, make sure that Omega 6 is taken in moderation like those present in bakery products, package chips, etc.

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Antioxidants Are A Must

Antioxidation is essential to slow the oxidation process in the body. For the same, one can include food items like oranges, amla, papaya, lime, etc. Apart from these, one can also resort to the use of onion, turmeric, cabbage, etc.

With inputs from Soumita Biswas, Chief Nutritionist, Aster RV Hospital

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