Why you age faster on some places more than others

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Jul 14, 2015

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Quick Bites

  • Different parts of the body age at different speeds.
  • Central part of the face reveal early signs of ageing.
  • Female breast tissues are one of the fastest to age.
  • Loose skin on your elbows is another early sign of ageing.

If we didn’t have to worry about getting wrinkled and weak, getting old would have been more enjoyable. However, it isn’t the case. The signs of ageing keep getting harsher as our biological clock ticks away.


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Not all of our body's parts age at the same rate. Strange as it may sound, but different parts of the body age at different speeds. Areas such as central part of the face, cheeks, and lips are the first to reveal ageing, while the rest of the body takes its own sweet time.

Why different body parts age faster

Hands: Being the most exposed body part, hand is most likely to give away your age than other body parts. Sun can cause immense damage to the hands, thus triggering premature ageing. Hands start to look older in one's 20s, though it is most noticeable in 30s and 40s.


Breast: Female breast tissues are one of the fastest to age because of the fluctuating hormones that flow through the breasts. Experts believe that a woman’s breasts tend to be two to three years older than her chronological age. Probably that is why breast cancer is the most common cancer in women.


Face and eyes: Unsightly dark spots will appear on your face as you grow older. Hyper-pigmentation is a part of ageing; the levels of collagen and elastin drop with age to cause the most debilitating sign of ageing – wrinkles. Likewise, your eyelids will stretch and the muscles around them will grow weaker as you age.


Neck: Your neck often looks older before anything else owing to the thin layer of skin on that area. That’s why it is called a turkey neck. The reason for turkey neck is sun damage over time and vitamin depletion. This depletion leads to collagen erosion in your neck, causing the skin on the area to sag.


Elbows: Loose skin on your elbows is another early sign of ageing. Sun exposure, stress, smoking, not taking enough liquids, loss of sweat and restricted oil glands can be ruled as probable causes for this early ageing sign to show.


Hair: Hair tends to become thin, grey, dry and brittle once you surpass 40. Using harsh hair care products and treatments can accelerate the process.




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