Why Women Today Need A Good Iron Supplement?

Know how iron deficiency can lead to various health concerns. Here’s how supplements like Livogen Adult Tonic can help 

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Why Women Today Need A Good Iron Supplement?

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In our fast-paced and busy lives, we often leave behind nutrition. Out of everything else, nutrition is what is holding an important place in our lives. Health is made up of healthy living and healthy eating. A lot of people these days are living on takeaways and ready-to-make foods to save on time but lesser do they know, these are going to harm them later. Our body needs certain vitamins and minerals to maintain health. When you don’t feed yourself these, it may cause nutrient imbalance and deficiencies. These need to be treated on time. Iron is a very important mineral for our body. Especially women need to maintain iron levels in their bodies. Apart from taking an iron-rich diet, if you are diagnosed as iron deficient, you can take a good iron supplement like Livogen Adult Tonic that helps in improving the iron levels in the body.

Iron deficiency in women

Do you know that women need nearly double the amount of iron than men?1 Women are at greater risk of iron deficiency as compared to men.2 There are certain factors which makes women deficient to this mineral. A homemaker, a businesswoman, a sportsperson, a 9 to5 working mother, may be at risk of this deficiency. We cannot agree more to the fact that we, women, live our life for others. Husband, kids, parents, friends, colleagues, all are the same for us and we are always on toes to help them, right? This feeling of empathy is what we are born with. We would run errands to find things that our family members need but don’t mind sacrificing our wishes. While taking care of the family, we forget to take care of ourselves. This makes women easy targets for deficiencies. We need to watch our diet and take additional supplements like Livogen adult tonic if found iron deficient.

Causes of Iron Deficiency

All of us need to understand the cause of iron deficiencies first. This helps us find a better treatment option. The major causes or iron deficiencies are:

  • Inadequate iron intake: The primary cause of iron deficiency anemia is inadequate iron intake through meals. A balanced diet is necessary for health and wellness. You should consider eating iron-rich foods such as green leafy veggies, eggs, meat, etc. to meet the iron requirement.
  • Menstruation: Every woman goes through this where the body suffers blood loss which also causes loss of iron. You should consider eating an iron-rich diet during these days or take a good iron supplement like Livogen Adult Tonic to regulate the levels.
  • Pregnancy: Blood loss during delivery is also a common cause of iron deficiency anaemia in new mothers. 
  • Body’s inability to absorb Iron: Sometimes, your body isn’t able to absorb iron. This could be due to some disorders which interfere with the iron absorption process.
  • Internal bleeding: Another reason is internal bleeding. There are several reasons like colon cancer, stomach ulcer, polyps in intestines, etc. If you are used to taking pain relievers very frequently, you might have an internal bleeding problem.3

Health Concerns Due To Iron Deficiency

Most of the times, iron deficiency is mild and can be easily treated with the right diet and effective supplements like Livogen Adult Tonic. However, if not treated on time, iron deficiency, in a longer run, can be a cause of various illnesses too. One must understand that our body functions on the various nutrients and macro nutrients we eat. Hence, severe iron deficiency can be a cause of complications including heart problems and even complications in pregnancies. For women it is needed more. Iron deficiency may impact the growth of the foetus. Hence the need of the hour for women is to understand that nutritional needs require extra caution and deficiencies in the longer run can cause various health concerns. Hence, those specifically grappling with iron deficiency issues should take all necessary precautions, an iron-enriched diet and supplements like Livogen Adult Tonic to fulfil the body needs for healthy living.


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