Why Surgery Does Not Work For Varicose Veins

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Jun 07, 2018
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  • The main reason for varicose vein is hormonal imbalance
  • Home remedies work in early stage of disease
  • Alternative therapies may work for pain

If you are a woman, once in a lifetime, you must have surely faced the problem of varicose veins. In many women, the problem gets cured on its own or by using some of the home remedies, while in some other, some serious treatments are needed.

Varicose Veins are mainly the veins that are there under the skin of your legs and they have blood flowing to the heart. Toxins and many other reasons often affect your body that leads to a number of changes. These changes can be of improper hormonal changes or pH balances that can lead to problems such as the Varicose Veins. Also ageing and injuries can be also the major reasons for the problem.

Diagnosing The Problems and Treating Them In The Simple Way

Some of the very common symptoms that you may start having at the initial stage are pain in the legs, swelling of the ankles and also itching. There are a number of people who mistaken these problems to be that of the dry skin and ignore or apply lots of moisturizers. But the pain and the swelling part is still there, then it is important to check with a doctor at the earliest.

There are a few things that people can do at the initial stages to get rid of the problem. Some of the very common things that patients can do are wearing stockings, and also exercising in the right way. Also some of the home remedies such as drinking apple cider can also be beneficial at times.

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Surgeries – Can Have Adverse Effects

Many of the medical experts suggests for surgeries for the Varicose Veins problem. But now recently it has been proven that surgeries are not the solution for the problem, rather it can create further troubles. 

It is said and it has been also researched that after almost 5 years of the surgery, there are high chances of the pain to come back with an increase of about 60%. Then again to get rid of this, the patient may go for another round of surgery. Again after 5 years time, the pain may get increased with another 40% - 60% and this goes on like a cycle.

The pain in place of getting permanently cured keeps on getting increasing and hence remains always. Apart from this the medication cost is also a factor that has to be borne after an interval of each 5 years.

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Another Safe Alternative

If you were not able to diagnose the problem in its initial stage and hence you did not try out the home remedies, there are other alternatives to surgery. A much safer and easier alternative than surgery is to take medicines.

The best thing that you can do is to take two medicines in combination and these are NERVICA and ACIDIM. The medicines are known to cure the problem in a very simpler way. NERVICA helps in strengthening the nerves and veins of the body, while ACIDIM keeps away the toxins from your body that is actually the main cause for blockages that leads to such issues.

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