Why do you Sweat More Than Normal?

Sweating can be irritating, and it can cause everyone else to suffer. There are some people who sweat more than others, and here is an insight about such people.

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Fashion & BeautyWritten by: Arka Roy ChowdhuryPublished at: Jul 17, 2014
Why do you Sweat More Than Normal?

The underarm stinks, the forehead glistens, the neck feels sticky, and the shirt is mostly wet. Sweating is a common during summer, but why do you sweat more than others?

Sweating is the curse that dawn upon mortals who dare to experience the summer season. Mangos and Litchis aside, summer is pretty horrible in every sense, unless of course you can afford an air conditioner, or more importantly pay off the electricity bill from its usage. But, you cannot avoid summer in any way, and sweating will therefore be always there. But the good news is that sweating is important for your body. It is a natural and healthy part of your life which helps to cool the body. If you understand the reason behind why do you sweat more than normal, then maybe you could work on it.

reasons for sweating

The Reason why you Sweat

When you sweat, this helps your body to maintain a normal temperature. It is a way for your body to reduce your internal body temperature. This temperature tends to rise for various reasons. The sweat glands in your body kick in so as to produce more sweat, which then leads to fever. You could sweat also because you are nervous or the more common reasons such as hot weather and exercises. As you can understand, this is why during summers you tend to swear a lot.

Also, the choices you make for your diet can play an important role for the sweat outpour of your sweat. Some people tend to sweat when they eat spicy foods.

Why Sweating More than Normal

Experts suggest that there are some natural variations in how people generally sweat. A person who is sweating more than other people when it is hot then it is not a sign of anything wrong. Sweating is only normal, it is a simple reaction of the body when it is working hard and requires some cooling down. Therefore, quit worrying about sweating more than others, because it is normal for you to perspire more.

excessive sweating

Sweating more than normal may at times go beyond the normal physical need, like suppose when you are suffering from hyperhidrosis. Such a problem can make you sweat for no apparent reason, under any random circumstances. It could happen, when the temperature is normal and you are not really very anxious, you also do not have a fever, in fact you are having a nice time with your family. Under such a situation if you are sweating profusely then something could definitely be wrong.

There are two types of excessive sweating; one is known as localised hyperhidrosis, while the other is known as generalised hyperhidrosis.

The best way you can stay away from sweating more than normal is by eating healthy foods and avoiding spicy ones. Also, take regular shower and use anti perspiration deodorants and other such products that will help you to smell better.

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