Why Cotton Pads Are Better Than Regular Ones, As Per Expert

Using cotton pads is better than regular pads. Here are two experts explaining the benefits of organic cotton pads.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Sep 20, 2022Updated at: Sep 20, 2022
Why Cotton Pads Are Better Than Regular Ones, As Per Expert

Menstruation is a very important part of a menstruator’s life. For an average of five days a month, they menstruate and experience its painful symptoms. Most menstruators find sanitary pads more comfortable as compared to other menstrual hygiene products. According to a survey conducted by the fifth National Family Health Survey (NFHS-5), Indian women aged between 15-24 years use sanitary pads the most. Data shows 64.4% of women use regular sanitary pads whereas 49.6% use cloth. Sanitary pads might be comfortable but they have chemicals that pose certain risks including rashes, skin infections, etc. This is why experts root for organic cotton pads.

According to Dr. Manisha Ranjan, Consultant - Obstetrician & Gynaecologist at Motherhood Hospitals, Noida, “Managing personal hygiene is never an easy task. We always suggest to our patients and women around us that ensuring personal hygiene is paramount at all times. Failing to do so can result in a variety of issues, including rashes, vaginal irritation, UTIs, yeast infections, and an increased risk of HPV and cervical cancer. Using cotton pads as they are naturally soft and absorbent without any side effects are recommended. Even from a hygiene point of view, cotton pads  are far superior as they actively resist bacterial and fungal growth produced due to excessive moisture.”

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Why is using regular pads unsafe?

Why Cotton Pads Are Better

Traditional menstrual pads look bright-white because they undergo the bleaching process that uses dioxin chemicals. Pads have this chemical whose long-term exposure may cause life-threatening complications including skin cancer. Besides, these also contain fragrances that can cause irritation and disrupt hormonal balance.

Using regular sanitary pads over the years may cause serious repercussions to your health. Thus, you must switch to other safer and organic products like organic cotton pads. These allow your skin to breathe while keeping you dry, with the help of an absorbent cellulose core. You will have a reduced risk of bacterial and fungal infections because organic cotton pads allow free flow of air, thus, allowing the skin to get dry faster.

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How does one select a sanitary napkin?

According to Ms. Monica Bindra, Founder & CEO of Laiqa, “One of the reasons women face gynaecological problems is because they lack proper knowledge of the materials used in sanitary napkins. Intimate area has very sensitive skin which tends to develop rashes and becomes itchy and inflamed during periods. This is a common health issue caused by sanitary napkins which have chlorine, harmful chemicals, high plastic and poor quality raw materials.”

Cotton Pads Are Better

High plastic content in conventional pads gives rise to UTIs and rashes. This can also lead to reproductive health problems in the long run. Menstruators should choose a pad that is pH balanced, made of premium raw materials, non-toxic glue, free of allergens, chemicals, artificial fragrances and contains minimal plastic. Using sanitary napkins, made of cloth, with the aforementioned characteristics will help menstruators to have periods free from rashes, infection, and allergies, and keeps them safe from probable reproductive health problems.

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