Which is better: Love Marriage or Arranged Marriage?

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Oct 05, 2012

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The question about love marriage and arranged marriage is a strange one. To love someone is to get lost in the whirlwind of a passionate upheaval. It is in stark contrast to a marriage where individuals come together to support each other, to build a world that thrusts on surviving this life. Remove the question of survival and you have only one thing to look at, and that it love itself.

Love Marriage

Modern society is thriving with love marriages. They happen all the time and at times they happen more than once. To confuse love with marriage is to take a risk, even though most people would disagree with us. If you look at it from a broader prospective, you will domesticate your love after your marriage. The small talks about price of vegetables and the LPG gas rise will take up most of your time.  You will realise that you never ever discussed such topics with lover prior to your marriage. We can however list a few advantages of love marriage for the disagreeing lot –

  • You know your lover well and there is a great amount of comfort level.
  • Love marriage has more freedom because it is out of free will.
  • There is good mutual understanding between the two.
  • If it works well, it can be long and happy married life.

Arranged Marriage

A very old tradition in the Indian society, to marry someone who has been arranged by the elders of the family is called an arrange marriage. While the west has always been dumbfounded by the idea of this kind of a marriage, Indian folks have been consistently following this tradition. Though it seems like a very draconian way of getting married, this form highlights the whole compromising question on which a marriage is usually based. Have you ever noticed that most arranged marriages last longer than love marriages? Now here is the most important part of this entire debate:

An arranged marriage is a compromise to live with someone your entire life. You will grow to love that person and hate that person at the same time, and there are no expectations. Whereas, in a love marriage there is a huge amount of expectation from your lover, there is no question of compromise. Anything that gets misbalanced can blow up the entire thing.
We say you take your call and see what suits your palate. Do you want a safe bet or a nuisance called love that has the ability to tares your heart? But you know, rumour has it that those who have loved have found life.



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