What are the symptoms of Scrotal Tongue?

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Oct 12, 2012

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Quick Bites

  • Scrotal tongue is characterised by fissures that develop in the tongue.
  • Scrotal tongue is a benign condition.
  • If the fissures are deep, you may have a burning sensation while eating.
  • Most people with scrotal tongue dont require any treatment.

Scrotal tongue, also known by the names furrowed tongue, lingua fissurata, lingua plicata, lingua scrotalis, plicated tongue or grooved tongue, is characterised by fissures that develop in the tongue and the tongue looks wrinkled. The number of fissures may vary from a single groove from middle of the tongue with fissures branching off from it to several fissures.


scrotal tongue


The condition is usually present from birth, but is not noticed until a person gets older (the fissures become more noticeable with age). Sometimes, it is caused by infection, malnutrition, certain health conditions, such as Melkersson-Rosenthal syndrome (a neurological disorder characterized by facial swelling, especially of the lips, nerve palsy and scrotal tongue), Down syndrome, and benign migratory glossitis, or geographic tongue.



It is a benign condition, with no symptoms. If the fissures are deep you may have a burning sensation while eating certain spicy or acidic foods, such as vinegar or salt. Besides these deep fissures may promote growth of bacteria or accumulation of debris from food, leading to bad breath or fungal infections of the tongue.



Most people with scrotal tongue don't require any treatment. You must see a doctor if you have burning sensation on eating avoid foods that cause problem. If there is an infection, your doctor may prescribe medicines. In addition to this, it is advised to follow good tongue hygiene.



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