What are the Signs & Symptoms of K9 Diabetes?

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Oct 16, 2011

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Pets with diabetes need proper treatment as it is a life-threatening disease. If you have pet you should be aware about the symptoms and treatment of diabetes.


The common signs of diabetes in dogs include:

  • Increased frequency of urination: This is one of the earliest and most noticeable signs of diabetes in dogs. If your trained dogs suddenly begins to urinate indoor consult a vet to rule out diabetes.
  • Increased thirst: This is caused due to increased urination and loss of fluid from body.
  • Weight loss and increased appetite: Your dog may seem to be losing weight even with an increased appetite.
  • Vomiting
  • Decreased activity, lethargy, weakness,

The signs and symptoms depend on severity & length of time your dog has been a diabetic.


Dr Poonam Sachdeva, our in-house medical expert talks about the why what and how in diabetes.


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