What is the Prognosis of Dyssynergia Cerebellaris Myoclonica?

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Dec 11, 2014

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Quick Bites

  • It is a collection of rare disorders.
  • The onset occurs in early childhood.
  • In some cases condition occurs due to mitochondrial abnormalities.
  • Progression is usually for 10 year and even more.

What is Dyssynergia Cerebellaris Myoclonica?

A collection of rare, degenerative, neurological disorders which are characterized by epilepsy, cognitive impairment, myoclonus and progressive ataxia is known as Dyssynergia Cerebellaris Myoclonica. The onset of the disorder generally occurs in early adulthood. The tremor may start in one extremity and later spread to involve the whole voluntary muscular system. Usually, arms get more affected that legs. In some cases, the condition also occurs because of mitochondrial abnormalities.

Dyssynergia Cerebellaris Myoclonica Prognosis

Treatment for Dyssynergia Cerebellaris Myoclonica

The treatment for Dyssynergia Cerebellaris Myoclonica is symptomatic. Myoclonus and seizures can be treated with drugs like valproate.

Dyssynergia Cerebellaris Myoclonica Prognosis

What is the Prognosis for Dyssynergia Cerebellaris Myoclonica?

The progression for this condition is normally 10 years or even more than that.

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