What must one expect after Hip Replacement Surgery?

By  ,  National Institute of Health
Jul 22, 2011

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Soon after surgery, you will meet a respiratory therapist and a physical therapist. The respiratory therapist may ask you to breathe deeply, cough, or blow into a device to check your lungs. Deep breathing helps to keep fluid out of your lungs after surgery.


The physical therapist will teach you how to sit up, bend over, and walk with your new hip. The therapist will also teach you simple exercises to help you get better. In some cases, within 1 to 2 days after surgery, you may be able to sit on the edge of the bed, stand, and even walk with help.


Most people spend 10 days or less in the hospital after hip replacement surgery. To be completely well takes about 3 to 6 months, based on:

  • The type of surgery
  • Your health
  • How quickly exercises help.

After you go home, be sure to follow the doctor's instructions.


Tips for getting better quickly are:

  • Work with a physical therapist.
  • Wear an apron to carry things around the house. This leaves your hands and arms free for balance or to use crutches.
  • Use a long-handled "reacher" to turn on lights or grab things you need. Your nurse at the hospital may give you one or tell you where to buy one.


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