What is meant by "Body Image"?

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Feb 05, 2013

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“Body Image” can be explained in the following way:

  • It is a term that relates to our own opinion of how we look and our belief about how others see us. The Body Image we have perceived for ourselves usually differs from how others really look at us.
  • It is closely associated with the state of mind in which we see our reflection in the mirror; everybody has a preconceived notion regarding their looks. For example, there is a possibility that we believe ourselves to be ugly and over-weight, while a stranger may feel that we are attractive and good-looking.
  • Most of the times our eyes are trained to look at some of the perceived flaws and that is where our attention is drawn; this creates a distorted picture of our body in our own minds which may not necessarily be true.


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