What keeps you Away from Good Sleep?

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Jan 25, 2013
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  • Good sleep helps lead a healthy life
  • Avoid smoking and drinking within an hour or so before bedtime
  • Read about many more tips for a good sleep

What keeps you away from good sleep is a matter of individual concern and something you have to look into in order to be able to lead a healthy life. Sleep disorders can lead to nausea, daytime sleepiness, and fatigue throughout the day. A healthy lifestyle is one of the many measures that one can adapt to be able to get a good night’s rest.

What keeps you Away from Good Sleep?

  • Make it a habit to sleep at a particular time every night. If you stick to a schedule, your body sets an internal rhythm and you feel sleepy at that time every night.
  • Avoid sleeping at daytime; sleep only during the night. Limit daytime sleep to 20 minutes only at a stretch.
  • Exercise is known to induce better sleep. So indulge in some aerobic activity during the day to ensure sound bedtime sleep.
  • Don’t have caffeinated drinks before bedtime. They will keep you awake.
  • A hot shower just before bedtime relaxes the tensed muscles and induces sleep.
  • What keeps you away from good sleep could also be a full stomach. There should ideally be a gap of 2 hours between your last meal and your bedtime. This allows the digestive process to start well before you sleep so that your body can now rest.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking within an hour or so before bedtime.
  • Too much of noise will surely keep you awake. Try to keep the room quiet with no TV or music to add to distractions. This will help you relax and get into the sleep mode.
  • Keep the room dark with heavy curtains. Bright lights can become sleep deterrents. Your mattress should be comfortable and supportive. Fresh and clean linen also helps in sleeping faster. You can also install dimmer lights as a good option. Dimming the lights sometime before sleeping will tell your body it’s time to turn in.
  • Keep your bedroom slightly cooler. A nice, clean comfortable room generally helps you relax and aids in sleeping.
  • Too much of liquid intake can also hinder good sleep. You’ll be making frequent trips to the bathroom in the time that should be spent sleeping.


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