What Is Casual Dating? Make Sure To Abide By These 7 Important Rules

 Casual dating is a type of dating without promises for the future. Here are some rules that you should abide by. Read on. 

Navya Kharbanda
Written by: Navya KharbandaPublished at: May 19, 2022Updated at: May 19, 2022
What Is Casual Dating? Make Sure To Abide By These 7 Important Rules

There are many types of dating or relationships that people indulge into. But do you know, what is casual dating? Casual dating is a kind of relationship in which two people go out on dates and spend time with each other without expectating anything long-term. It is not a committed relationship. While dating casually, people mostly want to hang out and have fun, but are not ready to enter into a serious relationship. Read the article further to know about the strict rules one should follow for casual dating. 

Casual dating rules 

There is no commitment but that does not give the leverage to take each other lightly. Casual dating should also be considered as a respected type of dating like others. Here are 7 rules that you should abide by in casual dating: 

1. No future plans 

One of the major rules to swear by is not thinking about the future. Talking about future plans with in casual dating is a big no-no! By future, it does not mean planning a movie date 6 days prior, but it actually indicates life plans or the relationship's progress. Live in the moment and do not focus on what will happen next. You or the other person might meet someone to spend your life with, hence abide by the rule of not keeping your hopes high thinking about the future. 

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2. Don't be posessive 

Being possessive indicates that you have started falling in love with the person. It is extremely important to make sure that you are not insecure in a casual relationship. You and your partner should be clear with the rule of not interfering much in each other's social circle. In casual dating, it is absolutely fine to see other people and there is no place for insecurities, jealousy and posessiveness. 

3. Give respect 

No matter what type of dating, giving respect to each other is crucial. If a relationship does not include respect, it is not considered healthy. Along with love, affection and attraction, respect is also a major part of an individual's dating life. Treat and get treated respectfully, without taking each other for granted. It is highly possible for people to take each other while dating casually, and you need to avoid the same. 

4. Go on dates

Going out on different fun dates is healthy for casual dating. Go out for a movie, party, lunch outings or even bowling sometime on weekends. Daring someone casually means enjoying the whole new experience without being serious about things. Don't keep hanging out at each other's place cooking food, instead go out of the house and have fun! 

5. Keep grounds clear 

Set up ground rules together and be clear about them. Being on the same page is important when it comes to casual dating. You need to draw a line between serious and casual dating. Be honest and yourself while talking to your partner. Follow all the rules and make sure both of you are comfortable about it. Keep checking in on him/her to make sure both of you are feeling good about the dynamics. 

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6. Communicate about things going wrong

Do not lie about anything and communicate if your mind is changing. If you think it is time to stop, then talk about it rather than standing him/her up. Moreover, you will instantly get to know if the your casual date is starting to have feelings for you. Stop them then and there by communicating about the same. There might also be chance that your partner is demanding too much time and effort, and this is not what you wanted from this relationship. It is high time you sit and talk to each other properly!

7. Focus on yourself 

There is no space for sacrifices or promises in casual dating. You need to focus and prioritise yourself. Don't be bitter about it, but it is fine to meet new people and go out with other people as well. Put yourself first while keeping things casual with your date. Your main focus is not this relationship, and there's a life beyond it.