What Is A Family Burnout And Ways To Manage The Situation In These Locked-At-Home Times?

Suddenly spending too much time with the family is causing family burnout. Learn to manage the situation.

Gandharv Gulati
Written by: Gandharv GulatiUpdated at: Sep 09, 2020 11:00 IST
What Is A Family Burnout And Ways To Manage The Situation In These Locked-At-Home Times?

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Most of us have spent months with our families locked inside the house. While some people were happy about this that finally, they are getting to spend some time with the family, some were sad because of the same reason. A lot of families are experiencing family burnout as they spent so many months together like never before. This has made people desperate about resuming the pre-corona times. Too much togetherness can cause hindrance in relationships which is not a good thing.

What is family burnout?

The only good thing about the COVID-19 pandemic is that it gave us a break. A long-awaited break from the hustling life. But, the twist in the tale is that many of us are now done with this break and dying to return to the old schedule. One of the main reasons behind this is tiredness out of togetherness. Family time has now become overwhelming where it has reached to a point of burnout. If you are experiencing the below-mentioned symptoms, you are dealing with family burnout:

family burnout

  • Unable to handle the regular tasks
  • Feeling physically, emotionally and mentally exhausted
  • Feeling annoyed all the time

Family burnout has suddenly become a common thing where most parents and 9 to 5 professionals are facing this fatigue. They are no longer happy about living in homes with their families. Single parents are most affected as they do not have any support to back them up in household chores and 24*7 child duties.

Factors that trigger family burnout

Apart from over-spending time with family, there are certainly other factors that contribute to family burnout. These are:

  • Job responsibilities
  • Home responsibilities

  • Responsibility of children
  • Reduced social gatherings
  • Reduced or nearly negligible ‘me time’

These factors exacerbate burnouts making a person feel more irritated and agitated. This is badly affecting romantic relationships also. You are spending your days and nights together, that you now feel bored of doing the same things together. The spark is fading. The love and excitement it used to be are nowhere now. Besides, the lockdown has also affected fertility with increasing cases of infertility and conceiving problems. Not just that, this extended homestay and quarantine have caused a massive hike in divorce cases. Sadly, many couples headed for separation soon after the lockdown ended. This is the quantum of family burnout.

Downsides of family burnout

There are so many problems caused due to family burnout such as:

  • Compatibility challenges: many people are facing compatibility issues with their partners after the lockdown period.
  • Psychological issues: A lot of people are dealing with psychological stress due to family burnout. They are feeling mentally-retarded.
  • Increased stress and depression: While those living alone in these tough times are said to be falling prey to depression, those living with families are also vulnerable to the same. Increased stress and fatigue is cause depression-like symptoms. They are not getting the time and space to declutter their minds.
  • Issues with children: Not only adults but children are also suffering from family burnout. Since they aren’t allowed to play outside or meet their friends, they are locked inside the houses opposite to their nature. They are getting irritable are having other health problems.

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