What Happens in Leukaemia?

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Apr 12, 2012

In leukaemia, body creates too many abnormal white blood cells, known as leukaemia cells. These cells outnumber normal blood cells, acquiring laters’ space in bone marrow, lymph nodes, liver and spleen. As a consequence of this malignant change, body’s capability to combat infections drops significantly. Moreover, blood is not able to perform its functions. Therefore, one easily bleeds or bruises, and experiences fatigue at all times.

Significant growth of abnormal cells, ascribed as blast cells or leukaemia blasts, leads to spilling of leukaemia cells throughout the body. Chronic leukaemia patients do not experience any troublesome signs initially, but gradually develop health issues over a point of time.

Leukaemia Diagnosis

  • In order to identify leukaemia, physician figures out leukaemia by carrying out physical examination.
  • Doctor investigates malady by feeling lymph nodes in the neck, under arms and in the groin.
  • Blood tests will provide fair idea of prevalence and type of disease.
  • CT scan is another test to identify leukaemia to confirm swelling in lymph nodes, liver, lungs and spleen.
  • Bone marrow sample, usually from hip, is also taken with a help of needle for analysis. If presence of leukaemia cells is confirmed, lumbar puncture takes out more fluid from spine for further analysis.
  • These tests ascertain extent of cancer, and how much it has spread so far.

What Happens after Leukaemia

On one hand, treatment of leukaemia can save one’s life. On the other, it could put one on brink of death. Some patients successfully control their disease, while some remain affected for a long time. Leukaemia could be heartbreaking not only for the person being diagnosed, but also for people around him/her.

Living with Leukaemia

  • Living with maladies like leukaemia will put forth several challenges in your life and lives of near ones, foremost being fighting the disease.
  • There is no definite way to cope with leukaemia. It is saving self from impact of diagnosis and side-effects.
  • Disruption in work and family roles need to be adjusted as malady recovery demands it.
  • Emotional assistance becomes vital to fight such diseases.
  • Practical and financial support for patients and families is also of utmost importance.


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