What is the Expected Duration of Postpartum Depression?

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Feb 27, 2012

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What is the Expected Duration of Postpartum DepressionPostpartum depression is a common complication of pregnancy. Read to know how long does postnatal depression last.


  • The symptoms usually start within a few days of childbirth in most women and progress gradually over a period of several months. In some women the symptom may start abruptly after a few days to month of childbirth.
  • As postpartum depression can occur even months after childbirth, in any depressive episode within six months of having a baby, postpartum depression is considered as a possible cause.
  • Postpartum depression can be managed effectively with counseling and medications in most women. Response to treatment is probably better if it is started early in the phase of illness. If postpartum depression is not treated the symptoms can last for months or even years.


If you suspect you have symptoms of PPD or a friend or family member after a new baby has symptoms of Postpartum Depression consult a doctor.


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