What to do when Infant won’t Stop Crying?

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Feb 06, 2012

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There are not too many reasons that can make parents feel helpless than watching their newborn cry continuously. Crying is the only medium by which infants communicate. Firstly, find a solution by collecting yourself in order to decipher language of the infants. Calm yourself down, talk to someone you need to. Thereafter, get back to the infant who needs you.

Remember Basics

What is the first thought that strikes your mind of his reason of crying. Ask yourself for the reasons of infant’s crying. Whether infant is hungry? Sleepy? Bored? Overstimulated? Afraid? In case you have just fed the newborn and believe that this can’t be hunger. This might be a mistake, try it. Babies experience hunger while going through growth spurts and require more appetite.

If it isn’t hunger, check his temperature and diaper. In case screaming still persists, look around that something might be irritating the baby. Think of all possibilities. Sometimes, babies want someone to hold them, try the same. Ask for help from family, friends or peers. Alternatively, you can also call childcare helpline to resolve the issue.

Babies Cry during Developmental Phase

Researchers have confirmed that babies cry more in their developmental phase. Babies are intuitive too; sensing a change that’s coming forth and expressing the excitement or fear of it could be the reasons of his persistent crying.

Instructions to Deal with Crying Newborn

  1. Try to please the newborn: There is no dearth of ways to entertain your baby. No need to think out of the box, try whatever. Anything such bouncing, dancing, swaying, singing and humming can grab baby’s attention. In order to divert mind of infant, you can try putting her in a warm bath.
  2. Don’t be overprotective: Overbundling can make conditions too hot for babies in bed. Wrapped in several layers and blankets could be the reason of discomfort. Try removing some layers off the baby. On the other hand, make sure he is provided warmness in winter.
  3. Ask assistance of experts: If the situation does not come under control, ask advice of elders in the family with exposure in parenting. Alternatively, do not hesitate to request assistance of your neighbours on the matter. If you reckon this is a serious affair, consult childcare expert.



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