What is Dating?

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Jan 30, 2012

What is datingThere is no textbook definition or specific way to describe dating. It means different things to different people. Explaining in simple words, it is an intimate relationship between two people, or a pursuit of social activities to figure out suitability for each other. Some of the phrases such as ‘going on a date’ define the process, wherein the interaction takes place between the two with an expectancy of understanding and mutual attraction.

Also referred to as ‘hooking up’, the process of dating is either an introduction to a relationship or a part of building relationship. Some of the other ways to describe dating are going out, being with someone and seeing each other. The ideal outcome of date is possible only if one’s partner accept the same definition for relationship.

Going Out

People have been practicing going out activities from the days of yore. In initial phase of going out, things happen at faster pace than expectations. In a nutshell, going out is considered activity for extroverts that do not waste time with people they meet.

Healthy Dating Relationship

Healthy dating relationships are almost identical to healthy friendships. Foundation of the healthy dating relationship is laid by good communication, honesty and respect. However, these differentiate from the former on the physical ways of showing care, which include holding hands, hugging, or kissing. In this scenario, one wants to spend all his/her time with the partner. Moreover, it is quite essential that one also spend some time apart from partner, in order to spend some time with one’s friends and family.

Ideal Partner

On one hand, dating relationships add fun and excitement to the lives. On the other, dating relationships can prove confusing and nerve-breaking. Everyone seeks right partner for themselves, to lead a healthy relationship. In simple terms, a dating partner means the person you’re entangled with or in a relationship with. Traits of an ideal dating partner are respecting, trustworthy, honest, dependable and supportive.

Online Dating

The modern-day technologies have revised several conventions, one of the inventions being online dating. One of the breakthroughs of recent times, online dating is an easy way to meet people. Social networking sites such as facebook, myspace and twitter are platform of online dating that gives access to the information, pictures and preferences of people. Based on the profile, you can figure out your entanglement with a person.

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