Weight Loss Tips for Men Over 40

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Aug 04, 2011

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If you are forty and looking to lose weight, chances are that you have already tried but not able to stick to your routines. In a week or may be 4 or 5 weeks, some men lose motivation to continue with their weight loss schedule. You need to understand what you are missing in your programme.


At 40, men are most likely to have a slow rate of metabolism, be weak in their physique and have poor eyesight. With such concerns of health, it becomes very difficult for men to find motivation for trying to be in shape. Nonetheless, you should bear in mind that shedding your weight and being in shape is just what you are missing to get the zest back in life.

If you follow the comprehensive weight loss tips given below, it can be easier for you lose weight at 40:

  • Focus on Good Health and Not Weight Loss – Always remember that dieting is only going to land you in greater trouble when looking to lose weight. It is recommended that you choose healthy foods over those that give you unhealthy calories. This will naturally lead to weight loss but in a healthy manner.
  • Plan Out Your Weight Loss Programme – You should have a definite idea about what you want to achieve and the steps that you intend to take. Do not randomly start doing push-ups or morning jogs. Keep a tab on what you were able to achieve daily based on the plan of your weight loss programme. Make sure that you do not slip up on your schedule for more than a day.
  • Have Six Healthy Meals in a Day – A simple way of eating well to help your purpose of weight loss is to have six small meals and each subsequent one should be lighter than the previous. The fat level in your body as well as complications of thyroid can be controlled in this way.
  • Alcohol Intake and Smoking – Alcohol consumption and smoking have been linked to the condition of being overweight. There are far too many good reasons to give up these health hazard lifestyle choices and by the age of 40, you may want to act mature.
  • Have Variations in Workout – During the six days of a week when you exercise, swap between normal workout, half an hour of cardio and an hour of strength exercises. When it is the day for strength exercises, your stretches should be similar to those done in cardio days.
  • Drink Lot of Water – Drinking water will serve the dual purpose of keeping you hydrated and detoxed while bringing down the pangs of hunger.


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