Weight-loss Surgery may Lower Urinary Problems

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Dec 10, 2014

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A recent study shows that the weight loss surgery or bariatric surgery may lessen the frequency and severity of lower urinary tract symptoms among those overweight.

urinary tract symptomsThe researchers at the Saint-Louis Hospital in France analysed 4,666 male patients, aged 55 to 100, to see if Lower urinary tract symptoms related to urinary frequency and urgency might be linked with metabolic syndrome. They found that metabolic syndrome was reported in 51.5 percent of the patients and 47 percent were treated for lower urinary tract symptoms. There was a significant link between metabolic syndrome and treated lower urinary tract symptoms.

Moreover, it was found that the risk to be treated for lower urinary tract symptoms also increased with increasing number of metabolic syndrome components. According to the study authors, the prevention of such modifiable factors by the promotion of dietary changes and regular physical activity practice may be of great interest for public health.

Another study on the similar lines in New Zealand checked if bariatric surgery in obese individuals might lessen lower urinary tract symptoms. It found that there was a significant weight loss and a reduction of body mass index after surgery. At six weeks, a significant reduction in overall symptoms was noted, and this improvement was sustained for a year.

According to study co-author, Richard Stubbs from the Wakefield Hospital, improvements in lower urinary tract symptoms were generally seen soon after surgery and they did not seem to be related to the time course or degree of weight loss.

The two studies were published in the journal BJU International.


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