Weight Gain Problems in Babies

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Feb 06, 2012

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Weight gain problems are considered to be most serious when it comes to babies. The neonatal care needs to be just perfect in order to boost any baby’s growth  and development in the later stages of life. The inability to gain weight in babies is normally referred to a condition known as ’failure to thrive’. It is more of a condition associated with the growth of babies rather than a disease. There could be many underlying factors concerned with the ’failure to thrive‘. The condition is mostly seen in infants and toddlers within the first three years of growth. Therefore, nutrition needs to be just perfect during the above mentioned period in order to allow for growth in the baby.

  • A malnourished baby avoids eye contact and becomes disintegrated with the surroundings. It is also usually late in achieving the developmental milestone such as sitting or talking, when compared to a healthy baby.
  • Nutritional deficiencies are the most common causes of ’failure to thrive‘. A child in its first two years should be given appropriately nutritious diets full of minerals, vitamins and calories. A parent should never restrict the calories in a child’s diet, especially, in its growing up stages.
  • Gastrointestinal system deficiencies or failures account for the second prime cause for ’failure to thrive‘. If the child shows symptoms of celiac disease, chronic liver disease, diarrhoea or gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), then the child needs to be medically diagnosed by the doctor at once. These diseases that limit the ability of the child’s body to absorb the nutrients present in food. Therefore, even though the child may be on a normal diet, it still refuses to pick up weight.
  • Cardiac and respiratory diseases inherent in the baby may also affect the intake of essential nutrients present in the food. You need to get your baby diagnosed by the doctor to check if your baby suffers from any sort of infection, food allergies or metabolic disorders. All these conditions affect the nutritional intake of food in the child and are also known as the organic resons behind failure to thrive.
  • Behavioural issues in babies can also lead to problems with gaining weight. These, however, need to be diagnosed at the earliest and treated properly.

Getting your baby medically checked from time to time is the best option for avoiding any weight gain issues. If you observe any problem, or if your baby is showing any of the above mentioned symptoms, get it treated right away. Also remember to monitor your baby’s weight and height regularly.


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