Smartphone is not a Smart Choice to Carry to Gym

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Jul 11, 2017
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  • People often get distracted because of their smartphones
  • Many people have fallen off treadmills because of a smartphone
  • You can never workout peacefully with your smartphone by your side

If you are regularly hitting the gym and still not getting the required results, blame your Smartphone for it. If you call yourself a gym freak and cannot think anything other than exercise and fitness but still not achieving the desired body weight, figure or physique, there are fair chances that your Smartphone is interfering.

If you are wondering how a small thing like Smartphone can do anything? Well, my friend, you are at a mistake. People have the habit of carrying their smartphones with them at the gym on walks or jogging while they should not. Why not?

Here are some reasons why you should not carry your Smartphone with you to the gym.


Possibilities of Injury

Now, this is a no brainer. If you are on a treadmill and along with running you are checking your phone, the chances of slipping are higher. And such injuries do happen all the time. You may have seen people slipping off the treadmill. It may sound funny but the injuries from such falls can be dangerous. You can suffer severe bruises or injuries. Treadmills, leg press and there are few other gym machines where your hands are free and you tend to use your Smartphone.

Staying Longer in Low-intensity Zone

If you are exercising and using the Smartphone alongside, you will be staying in the low-intensity zone for longer. You tend to be more occupied with your Smartphone and concentrate less on your workout. There will be times when you will do reps after reps in the low-intensity zone. This hinders your overall growth. If you are working out to get a certain body type, you cannot achieve it if you are on your Smartphone while working out.

Even Your Playlist is an Enemy of Your Workout

Many people prefer to listen to their own playlist while working out but at times even that interferes. You get bored by a certain song, so you change the track and then you keep changing the songs and do not settle on one song that ultimately takes your concentration off your workout or a particular exercise. Instead, you should keep a few songs in a playlist and let it automatic shuffle and do remember to keep only some lively and energetic songs and not the slow, romantic ones. Energetic songs can boost the overall workout intensity.

You Can Even Quit the Gym Day

If you are going towards your gym and your Smartphone is in your pocket, chances are high that you will miss your gym that day.

No, you are not supposed to leave your phone at home. All you need to do is give less attention to your Smartphone and concentrate on your workout. Your calls, texts, Facebook and Instagram can wait for an hour.

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