Ways to Cope with Cancer Recurrence Effectively

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Jan 15, 2015

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  • Left over cancer cells cause cancer recurrence.
  • Remaining cancer cells create a tumour.
  • Avoid feeling distressed.
  • Concentrate on current situation.

Recurrence of cancer not only brings back the disease but, it also brings back the haunt, shock and fear which came with your first time diagnosis. The uncertainties also return and it leaves you wondering about more cancer treatment and about your future.

Cancer Recurrence Coping

What is Cancer Recurrence?

If cancer returns after a period of remission, it is known as recurrence. A recurrence takes place when in spite of the efforts to remove cancer cells from the body, some cells are left inside. These cells can be in the same place where cancer originated for the first time, or they could be found in some other part also. These cells may have been existing in the part for a long time but, they only come into notice when they multiply and lead to recurrence of cancer.

Coping with Cancer Recurrence

Recurrence of cancer can be a tough phase of your life as it may bring back the same amount of emotions which you felt the first time. The common problems that you may face are:

Cancer Recurrence Coping

Distress: As the treatment of your initial cancer ends, you start to move on in life and start treating the disease as a by gone. However, when it recurs, it comes as a shock because by now it has no more been a part of your life. The shock of having the disease back can cause distress, which at times can be more than what you experienced the first time.

Self Doubt: It may happen with a person that they start doubting their wisdom and the decisions that they have made in their life since their last cancer experience. The best way to deal with the situation is to not to look backward and focus on the current situation and make things work.

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