Washington Apples for a happy married life!

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Feb 04, 2011

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Apples for married lifeEating apples is one way to keep the body in good shape all year long. They play an important role in terms of reducing risk of developing heart disease, certain cancers like prostate cancer and many other health related problems. Therefore, apple is the best fruit cum medicine when it comes to keeping the body free from the blight of diseases and living quite a healthy life. But what about apples for peace, harmony, and love too, a fact based on Feng Shui that is gaining acceptance the world over.


So we are talking about apples that cool down our disturbed heart & soul and strengthen our relationships. For this, we need apples that contain all the five necessary elements-water, metal, fire, earth and wood which provide the relaxing effect in one's life. Then, the next question that arises is, where those sweet and delicious apples come from? They stream out of the Cascade Mountains of Washington where they are cultivated in the fertile valleys of rich lava-ash soil and hence they are called "Washington Apples" which are spherical in shape, red, hard and shiny. These qualities make Washington Apples highly sought-after. Another thing to notice is that apples are ripe, succulent and juicy which, according to Feng Shui, is good for the ones who consume them.


Gita Kapoor, Feng Shui and Bazi Master said, "We are living in a much stressed out world and to get out of that even for some time is absolutely the need of the hour. What you can do is you can place a plate of fresh red apples on the coffee table or dining table at your home to bring peaceful zing over there. You can do the same even at your workplace by keeping a bowl of red apples on the desk."


To the surprise of all, Washington Apples come in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes (which according to Feng Shui brings 'kismet') to meet the requirements of everybody. For example: The green apples are very helpful in respect of making family relationships stronger and you feel more secure in life. The red apples represent a sign for defending against evils and bring a lot of happiness to people whereas the golden yellow apples keep your health sound and thus allowing you to remain balanced and composed in your life.


Gita also said, "You can even keep artificial ceramic apples in these colours to live a well-balanced life. The divorce factor also diminishes down immensely."As Todd Fryhover, Project Manager, Washington Apple Commission said, "I keep apples of all colours in my house which I think really helps maintain the overall good atmosphere inside and why not if your marriage is in mess and it turns it around for better."

The magic of apples


  • In China, apples are considered to be a symbol of peace. The Chinese word for it is 'Ping' which means peace or being safe. 
  • Apples reduce the chances for having diabetes and keep blood cholesterol under control.  
  • They contain dietary fibre which helps lose weight as well as digest foods. 
  • They prevent stroke from occurring.



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