If you face these Warning Signs then you probably have Diabetes

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Sep 09, 2013

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Quick Bites

  • Inadequate supply of insulin or the body's inability to use the insulin leads to diabetes.
  • Frequent urination is one of the main signs that you have diabetes.
  • You could also feel thirsty so much so that no amount of water can ever be enough.
  • All this drying out of the water from your body could leave you fatigues and weak.

Your blood sugar level fluctuates and soars high it causes you what they call diabetes. This can be altered with healthy diet, regular exercise and medication. Know what the warning signs are for it.


warning signs of diabetes

You get affected by diabetes when your insulin production is inadequate, or when the body’s cells do not really respond properly to insulin. Or in some other cases both of this can happen. Typically, patients suffering from high blood sugar experience polyuria, which is frequent urination, polydipsia which is an increase in thirst, and increase in hunger which is polyphagia. There are many other warning signs of diabetes; here we have listed them for you so that you can take swift action.

Frequent Urination

If you have been visiting the toilet for urination very frequently then there should be something wrong. Urination becomes more frequent as you start to have too much glucose in the blood. When insulin is nonexistent or rather ineffective, then the kidneys will not be able to filter the glucose back to the blood. The kidneys would become overwhelmed and then would try to draw any extra water that there is out of the blood in order to dilute the glucose. You will find your bladder full and frequent trips to the toilet would become common.

Unquenchable Thirst

When there is a feeling of immense thirst and you feel like you cannot get enough of water to quench your thirst then be careful. This could very well be a sign of diabetes, especially when it seems to go hand in hand with your frequent visits to the toilet. Your body is pulling extra water out of your blood and you are in need to urinate. It is obvious that you will get dehydrated and feel the need to drink more so in order to replace the water that you are losing.

Feeling Weak and Fatigued

Glucose that we get from our foods travel into the bloodstream where the insulin is supposed to help it transit into the cells of our body. These are used by the cells to produce energy that we need in order to survive daily. When the insulin is absent or he cells do not react to it anymore, the glucose will then stay outside the cells in the bloodstream. Your cells will then feel tired and starved of energy, and therefore your body will begin to feel weak.

Tingling/Numbness on Hands and Feet

This is called neuropathy, and occurs gradually over a period of time. This happens as high glucose having stayed that way in your blood for long damages the nervous system, particularly in the extremities. The type 2 diabetes is a gradual onset and most people are unaware of it. The scary part is that you may not even be aware of your blood sugar level being high for quite some time.

Varied Signs

There are many other assorted signs and symptoms, experiencing which you should be going for tests for diabetes. Here are such signs and symptoms:

•    Blurred Vision
•    Dry and Itchy Skin
•    Frequent Infections and Cuts

Diabetes can be controlled and at times reversed with proper diet, medication and exercises.

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