Warning Bells: Women Feel Old at 29

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Oct 12, 2012

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Warning Bells Women Feel Old atA wrinkly face, sagging breasts and thinning hair of women in their late twenties make them worry like women having surpassed 70 years. Women, who try to look older than they are in their teens, are most satisfied with their appearance in their early twenties. But, everything fades until they reach 29.

A UK-based skincare company conducted a survey of 2,000 women in their late-twenties, about their appearance. Surprisingly, one in ten women felt that they look older by an average of six years.


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Surveyors found that 33 per cent of the ladies fret about hair going grey, while thinning hair was a concern for three out of 10 females. 29 per cent wished to get rid of wrinkly cleavage, while 33 per cent stated that a sagging bottom is their concern.


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Moreover, the survey found that top aging fears for ladies in their late 20s included facial hair, double chins, thinning lips, a middle-aged spread and thread veins.


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