7 Vital Facts About Miscarriage Women Must Know To Maintain Healthy Pregnancy

Miscarriage is a common condition faced by many women; here are 7 facts about miscarriage every woman must know.

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalUpdated at: Jan 25, 2022 10:42 IST
7 Vital Facts About Miscarriage Women Must Know To Maintain Healthy Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a very sensitive stage for any women; there are lot of obstacles and complications that persist with it. It is not always possible to have a healthy pregnancy and in some cases miscarriage does happen. A major problem in the society is that women are often judged and blamed for miscarriage whereas it is not always their fault. There are other factors that could lead to miscarriage and unhealthy pregnancy. This also includes abortion even though it is more spontaneous. There are a lot of misconceptions about miscarriage in women’s mind; hence we would like to explain some vital facts about this condition to ease the stigma around it.

What is Miscarriage?

Miscarriage refers to loss of pregnancy before the 20th week. According to Dr. Usha Bhardwaj, Consultant and Gynaecologist in Vozart Healthcare Hospital, Kanpur, miscarriage occurs in almost 10-15% of the total number of pregnancy. This number can be higher as most of the women do not tell about it if it is in the early stage. It can happen because of factors such as blighted ovum, molar or partial molar pregnancy or intrauterine fetes demise. Other factors such as maternal health and nutrition also play a vital role.


Vital Facts about Miscarriage 

1. Having miscarriage is common

First thing we need to do is to kill the stigma around women’s health and miscarriages. It is quite common to have miscarriage due to number of factors mentioned above. The rate of miscarriage is already 10-15% in general and there are many women who do not tell it and have abortion before anyone knowing about it. According to the doctor 20% of women face this problem but do not speak about it because they feel guilty and blamed as their mistake. 

2. Bleeding and Cramping are part of Miscarriage Symptoms

It is important to know that if there is bleeding or cramps in early stage of pregnancy, then it could be a symptom of miscarriage. It can happen if either of symptoms occurs or both can occur simultaneously. During pregnancy, physical examination and ultrasound is important to understand the health of the child. Blood tests and hormonal levels are also measured in order to check stage of pregnancy. 

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3. You can have treatment post miscarriage

To avoid the risk of miscarriage, there are some treatments methods available that you can avail according to your need. This are based on effectiveness and approach of the problem women is suffering. 

  1. The natural option is to wait till the pregnancy tissues remain in your uterus. Once they pass naturally, then you can think of planning another pregnancy. 
  2. The second option is to take some medications that can help to expel the tissue within one week. This needs to be done under the guidance of gynaecologist. 
  3. Third one is called dilation and curettage. This is removal of tissue which is advised to the women if she suffers from heavy bleeding or in case of an infection. 


4. You do not need any special test after one miscarriage

It is not necessary that if you have miscarriage the first time, it could be because of some underlying problems. One miscarriage does not harm your body and it does not mean that there is risk of second miscarriage as well. Hence there is no need of any special tests or treatment just after the first miscarriage. The risk only increases after 2 or more miscarriage when people need to take care of. 

5. Feeling of Guilt is Normal but Unwanted

It is absolutely normal to feel guilty after a miscarriage because you blame yourself for not taking proper care of yourself, not taking some supplements of time and various other things. This comes with every miscarriage and is felt by every women, on top of this people around you also blame the women for her mistake. The truth is that miscarriage can happen because of hormonal imbalance, chromosome abnormalities in foetus and other factors. According to research by ACOG, working, exercising, having sex, birth control pills does not cause pregnancy loss.

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6. Most Women who miscarry can get Pregnant again

There is a false belief that once there is a miscarriage, the chances of healthy pregnancy or second pregnancy gets depleted. This is a wrong theory; most of the women who have their first miscarriage are able to hold a healthy pregnancy in the second one. There would not be any effect on the health of the child and everything can remain absolutely normal during the second one. But you need to have strong mind and strength to believe that you can achieve a healthy pregnancy and child birth.


7. Grieving after Miscarriage is Healthy

According to study, miscarriage makes people grieve especially women because they were holding a life inside them. This is very normal as the bond develops over time even if it is for a few weeks. Hence grieving is normal and healthy, because it releases the stress, anxiety and helps you to separate from that bond in a better way. Women are more likely to grieve more than men as it is a common phenomenon.

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