6 Types of Vegetarian Diet You Can Opt For

People can choose to be vegetarian without struggling much with options. Here are diets you can opt for.

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: Jun 27, 2021Updated at: Jun 27, 2021
6 Types of Vegetarian Diet You Can Opt For

There are different types of diet available according to choice of people. But all these diets are majorly categorised under vegetarian or non-vegetarian. People who are non-vegetarian often have both choices of having a vegetarian meal or having non-vegetarian food. But for most of the vegetarians, they get limited to specific type of food and they do not have much option to check. Today with help of Nutritionist Ms. Shweta Singh, we will tell you 6 types of vegetarian meals you can opt for according to your choice of nutrition.


Why Should You Go For Vegetarian-based Diets?

Clinical Nutritionist Ms. Shweta Singh from Indu Hospital, Lucknow explains benefits of opting for vegetarian diet without getting bored of it. There are few reasons which you can consider while moving towards vegetarian-based diets. 

  • One is vegetarian diet increases public health because non-vegetarian points can sometimes be a hub of many diseases if not kept clean. 
  • Taking care of the environment, because all the animals and other organisms have equal rights to live as we do and killing them for your food can make a variety suffer extinction. 
  • Last but not the least vegetarian food is often digestible than non-vegetarian food. 

If you are thinking of options, then there is a huge variety of vegetarian food you can choose from. There are particular diets which can help you achieve certain nutrition which you require for any activity. Some studies also suggest that those people who have non-vegetarian diet develop antibiotic-resistant bacteria, which can make your body resistant to many medications. Having all being said, this does not mean it is essential to be a vegetarian, as everybody has their own choices.

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Types of Vegetarian Diets

1. Lacto-ovo vegetarian diet

It can be said as one of the diet which has been opted by most of the people in our country, intentionally or unintentionally. This includes having vegetarian food with addition of eggs and dairy products. Following this diet you can include eggs, milk, cheese, butter, ice-cream etc in your diet. The nutrition remains similar to what it was before; you can increase or decrease the amount of intake according to your work load.

2. Lacto-vegetarian diet

This is a plant based diet that includes dairy products as well. Originally vegetarian diet does not include dairy products and hence this is the actual diet followed by most ‘vegetarians’. It is a common practise to choose lacto-vegetarian as your diet plan, you can get proteins from various sources and dairy products do help you get carbs and meet your calcium demands.

3. Ovo-Vegetarian Diet

People who are lactose intolerant can easily choose this diet as it does not include dairy products like milk, cheese, butter, yogurt etc. This diet includes all the vegetarian items along with eggs. This vegetarian diet does not have any negative effects to the body even if you do not have dairy products. You can have variety of vegetarian items to fulfil the need of carbs from your diet.

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4. Flexitarian Diet

Well as the name suggests, this diet plan can be flexible and you need not worry about non-vegetarian products. This diet allows you to get rid of vegan or vegetarian diet. Flexitarian diet emphasises on important of animal products in your diet. In this most of the food you consume should be vegetarian but you can have small amounts of animal products to fulfil protein requirements and omega-3 fatty acids.


The main principle of flexitarian diet includes eating whole plant food and getting major proteins from plant food instead of animals. Limiting your sugar and processed food and having meat and animal products occasionally. This diet is considered vegetarian because major amount of nutrition comes from plant diet.

5. Vegan Diet

This is a very strict diet and excludes all the animal based products. It does not have fish, dairy products and eggs as well. It is purely based on plant-diet and sometimes people even choose to avoid honey because it comes from bees. Vegan diet has more of fruit nutrition in it and includes beans, peas and lentils as major source of nutrition. A vegan diet may does have its benefits but it cannot be followed by people with weak mind. Most of the items are to be had boiled with limited ingredients. 


6. Pescatarian Diet

This is a plant based diet but includes fish in it. If you visit some parts of India, they consider fish to be a part of their vegetarian meal. This is very similar to that. This allows people to have fish based food items like tuna, halibut, sushi and salmon but says to avoid meat and any other animal food. Pescatarian diet also includes dairy products and eggs in the diet. However they are not considered an essential part of this diet. Pescatarian diet is rich in omega-3-fatty acids because of fish food.

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