Uninvolved Parenting: How Does It Affect The Child?

Uninvolved parenting can cause negative effects on your children. Here are signs and effects you must know.

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalUpdated at: Feb 06, 2022 12:30 IST
Uninvolved Parenting: How Does It Affect The Child?

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It is hard to believe parents not giving time to their children or ignoring them. But that is what is happening in many households these days. You must have noticed parents sticking to their phones and work stuff. This lack of attention can have a negative impact on the kids and their growth may get hampered. This style of parenting is called uninvolved parenting and it is increasing in many families. Today let us know if this parenting style is effective or not. We will also understand signs of this uninvolved parenting that may cause problems.

What is Uninvolved parenting?

It is true that no two parents are alike; everyone has their different styles of raising their children. Uninvolved parenting refers to the style in which parents are neglectful about their kids and what they usually do. They do not give proper time to their children and are usually busy or self-occupied in other things. The increase in use of technology and social media has resulted in more parents opting for uninvolved style of parenting. Parents of this style actually happen to be this way and there are some signs and symptoms that can reveal if parents are uninvolved or not.


Also it is a controversial parenting style because there are parents who follow this style in some agendas and are still successful in raising children effectively. Here is what you need to be aware of.

Signs of Uninvolved parenting

1. Focus on own problems

If parents are focussing towards their own problems more than their children and are self-occupied then this could be sign of uninvolved parenting. In this parents tend to be working just to fulfil their desires and solve their own problems without taking a look at what their children are going through. Usually parents leave everything aside when it comes to their kids, but if they are not doing so then it could be characteristics of uninvolved parenting. 

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2. Lack of Emotional attachment

If parents lack emotional attachment to their kids then it could be a major symptom of uninvolved parenting. Emotional connection is the root of every relationship especially when it comes to parent and child relation. If the parent feel disconnected with their children, then it will automatically result to uninvolved parenting in many cases.

3. Lack of interest in Child’s activity

You must take interest in what your child does and appreciate it accordingly. This is important because it encourages your kid to take part and involve in more creative works and activities. Uninvolved parents can have lack of interest in their kid’s homework, activities and events. They might even try to skin their parent meetings or sports events. 


4. No set rules or expectations

If any parent or both parents do not have expectations from their children, nor they are concerned about the behaviour of their children, then it could cause uninvolved parenting. Uninvolved parents lack basic discipline styles and can cause big affect on their children growth. In this parents do not get upset or show any reaction to any type of behaviour child is going through.

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How does it Effect Children?

Being not involved with your children goes a long way. It can affect your children’s life and poses a threat to their development. Also this causes a lot of behavioural problems as they grow up. Here are some effects of uninvolved parenting that occurs-

1. Defiant behaviour or aggressive behaviour- once children are allowed to do whatever they wish and behave as they want, they can have defiant or aggressive behaviour. They will not listen to anyone in the future and do as they wish.

2. Shyness and Low self-esteem- another problem opposite to above mentioned is that children can become shy and would not go out at any cost. This is because they are not told to handle social and strange situations by their parents. This happens with introvert children.


3. No emotional connect- when parents do not involve themselves and care about their kids, they may have it back too. Kids when they grow up will lack empathy and won’t be attached to their parents like they should be naturally. As a result they would neglect their parent’s health and their saying without giving attention.  

4. Poor Results- As a result of negligence from parents, children would not care to study or put effort in any activity they do. This involves their educational results and different activities that happens in the school or later stages of their life when they grow up.

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