7 Tips For Extrovert Parents To Raise Their Introvert Kids Successfully

Introvert children are common, here are some tips for extrovert parents to raise their introverts kids. 

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalUpdated at: Feb 01, 2022 11:10 IST
7 Tips For Extrovert Parents To Raise Their Introvert Kids Successfully

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It can be confusing at times when your children do not behave in the way that you want them to be. This is not always because that something has gone wrong but it can also be due to natural tendency of the child. If your child is more hesitant and tries to keep to himself, then it means that he is an introvert. Parents those who have themselves been an introvert can relate but extrovert parents have hard time coping up with introvert children. Introvert kids are reserved. Talk less and stand back than other kids, this makes them hesitant and on the silent side. We have some tips for extrovert parents to help them deal and raise their introvert children. 

How to understand Introvert Children?

Introvert children are as healthy as extrovert children; it is just in their natural behaviour that they do not like to get involved too much with social circle. It is unusual for introvert children to be friends easily or talk to relatives, etc. Hence parents need to understand this and take steps accordingly so that they do not lose their children’s identity of personality. Extrovert parents tend to be more social and want same for their kids. But as parents they need to respect their emotions and give adequate space. Here are some tips that you can follow in order to raise introvert child and help them become better person in life. 


Tips to Raise Introvert Children

1. Know that there is nothing unusual or shameful about being an introvert

Many extrovert parents see it as problem that their children are hesitant or show resistance towards moving out in social gathering. This is common but introverts are hardly a minority and hence you need to understand that there is nothing wrong in being introvert rather you should believe in your children more as many big personalities have been an introvert. Therefore give them their space, understand their mood and take steps to make them more comfortable in who they are.

2. Understand your child’s temperament is because of biology

Extrovert parents need to understand that behaviour of their children is due to their natural biology. It has nothing wrong in it and god has made them that way. Introvert children will not like to go to parties, social gathering, or being tucked with someone unknown. You can take this in a way that your kids brain is wired in such a way that it will be resilient in going to any such parties. Introverts and extroverts brain have different neurotransmitter pathways because of which they analyse situations differently.

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3. Introduce your children to new people gradually

Do not hurry in making them meet multiple people all at once. This can create fear and hesitation in their mind which could be problematic. You need to have patience and make them meet new people one at a time so that they have time to get along and know people better. Introverts have this tendency of taking time by getting to know people before involving them in their life. Therefore respect their space and privacy.


4. Support your children when they try to engage in social events

There would be times that your introvert children would be a part of event or performance in school. It is important for you as parents to support them and cheer them up so that they do not hesitate to come forward the next time. This will motivate them and also make them more comfortable towards people and social events.

5. Help children cultivate their passions

More than often introvert children are passionate about something or the other. It is best for them to move in the given path. This will help them to get motivated and be more open to talk about their dreams, projects and paths they want to follow. Every child has some unique interest, and it could be really beneficial for introvert children and their parents if they cultivate their passion. 

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6. Teach your kid to stand up for themselves

It is important to teach introvert children to say no or to take a strong stance about what they really want to do. Introvert children are shy and usually are hesitant in refusing or telling the truth about what they usually feel. Hence it becomes important for them to stand up for themselves and take stand on what they actually need. It is your duty as parents to you teach them and encourage them to take their stand.


7. Make sure your child feels “Heard”

It is important for introvert children to feel heard about their opinion and prospects to look at things. This is because introvert kids talk less, and when they do then they really want you to understand them. Hence as parents you need to be available for them to hear them out when they want to open out on some topic or discuss a particular subject. It will also help them to grow as better individuals.

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