Ultra competitive exercises cause more harm than good?

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Sep 06, 2017
Quick Bites

  • People are resorting to quick fixes for better health and good looks.
  • Few exercises are designed to improve the performance of athletes.
  • Plank is one such an exercise we all need to be careful while we do

There is a lot of concern about health and well-being these days. Adding to this, the desire to have a perfect body is on the rise steadily, thanks to social media for continuously reminding us that with pouring images of celebrities’ right into our bedrooms.

Anyway, the point here is how the fast paced lifestyle of the present day leading people to resort to quick fixes for better health, more importantly, for good looks. Yes, a lot of exercises which are meant for athletes, sports persons, and bodybuilders are being practiced at home without inadequate preparation, needless to say under no supervision at all.

As a consequence, quite a few new health problems are surfacing. Particularly, those common folk who never knew working out most of their lives but eager to find a fix to get that desired body need to be careful about what they do. Pilates is one such an exercise regimen. True, when done under the right guidance these set of exercises strengthen the core and increase the endurance of body besides many other health benefits. But, when done wrongly, one might end up injuring oneself.

Plank is one of the exercises everyone aiming to do these days and increase the plank time substantially in a quick span of time. The easy to do at anywhere and anytime exercise is actually meant for high end performers. According to a reputed instructor, Planks are ‘not a standard Pilates exercise but a modern gym exercise used by sports medicine physios and trainers for very fit sports’ people’. A recent research linked it to increased conchondritis, a chest pain, caused in upper rib cage where the cartilage joins. The symptoms are same as in the case of a heart problem. It could be diagnosed only after all heart related problems are ruled out. Hence need caution.

So, choose an exercise regimen only after you consider all aspects of it, particularly, the exercise regimen your body could endure.

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